Burnita Bluitt writes and resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. Now retired from working in the administration of Silicon Valley companies such as McKinsey & Co., Merrill Lynch, and Google, she Burzindulges her love for, and curiosity about, San Francisco’s rich history and architecture. Her debut novel, Quiver of the Pure Heart, began as a love-letter to San Francisco’s painted ladies. However, after uncovering the Western Addition Victorian’s dark history, she felt compelled to shine a light on their tragic past. Her book’s story is fiction, but the historical elements depicted are not. Corrupt officials left an indelible impact on the Fillmore community, which is still felt today.

Her debut novel’s title, Quiver of the Pure Heart, is inspired by Buddhist scripture. When pain has touched our lives and we can respond with compassion, it is known as a “quivering of the pure heart.” Surviving the pain helps “us to awaken to the greatness of our heart.”*

*Jack Kornfield