Quiver of the Pure Heart Burz

Love, Corruption & Gentrification Collide; as Romantic-Suspense Novel Uncovers Family ‘Secrets’ During Heroine’s San Francisco Displacement.

Twenty-eight year old Blis Dumas’ peaceful life and sense of security becomes the target of a well-crafted scheme. The setting is 1989, San Francisco. Burnita Bluitt’s ‘Quiver of the Pure Heart’ is one of the few novels on the market to shine an urgent real-world spotlight on the topic of gentrification and urban displacement. However, heroine Blis Dumas quickly learns that she faces things that are far more complicated than just relocation. The discovery of family secrets reveals that the problems being created by the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency are chillingly personal, with forgiveness and compassion about to become her weapons of choice.

 In 1948, San Francisco’s Fillmore District was designated a redevelopment area, sparking tumultuous decades in which, according to city officials, 883 businesses were shuttered, 4,729 households were forced out, and roughly 2,500 Victorian homes were demolished. While this unfortunate gentrification may sound like a historical mistake, metro cities across the nation are currently facing similar fates. It’s a subject that rarely makes it into fiction, but one Burnita Bluitt tackles with gusto in her latest novel. ‘Quiver of the Pure Heart’ is intimately told through the eyes of Blis Dumas, a young San Francisco woman who discovers she is forced to sell her home to the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency. But all isn’t as it seems; and emotions are about to run higher than she could ever have expected as her family’s past comes back to haunt her.

QUIVER OF THE PURE HEART will appeal to readers that appreciate domestic settings to illuminate the universal themes of forgiveness, compassion, and letting go. “Blis is a microcosm of the fear, pain and love that exists in everyone, along with their innate ability to overcome it,” explains Bluitt. “These emotions and coping strategies are called on by everyone falling victim to gentrification, and I believe my novel is the first to depict love and loss from this unique perspective.” Continuing, “It’s a historical and present epidemic in many areas and presents a huge test to each individuals’ tenacity and strength. Those who thought they had neither often discover that they are incredibly strong and resilient. But I’m not saying it’s easy; far from it. I hope my work raises awareness of the grassroots struggles faced by those being displaced. It’s a toxic issue rarely addressed.” → Read an Excerpt


“Bluitt provides a few interesting history lessons, and she touches on the social disparities that have checkered San Francisco’s past. She also does a commendable job of keeping much of the dramatic plot revelations secret until the final chapters. The sheer number of plot twists makes this an engaging read for those who enjoy suspense.”
—Publishers Weekly

“QUIVER OF THE PURE HEART author Burnita Bluitt loves San Francisco and it clearly shows in this remarkable first novel. She knows the city well and delights in its quaint neighborhoods and beautiful old homes.
—Will Gibson, Founder American Black Book Writer’s Assoc.”

Amazon reviews:

“A lovely and intellectual book that brings to light the whirlwind of circumstances that envelops Blis Dumas in 1989 San Francisco.”

“Beautiful Novel! What an exciting, thought provoking, intelligent, and oh so interesting novel! From start to finish this was an engaging read with realistic and well-documented issues that the author didn’t sugarcoat.”

“A truly beautiful story with a great mixture of history and romance.”

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