Enjoy the Journey

Wayne Dyer, the renowned international author and speaker has said, “What other people think of me is none of my business.” I like that, and until I got my first form rejection letter from “Joe Agent” it really rang true for me.  However, lately my skin has gotten paper thin as I try to get my book published, and expectation has occasionally turned into great disappointment.

So, I thought of the perfect solution.  I would try to write more like some of my favorite authors. If I sounded more like Terry McMillan or Toni Morrison, surely someone would take notice. But, it’s depressing and stressful to think that I needed to write like someone else to have the agents like me. Now, I’d rather walk on all fours and bark at the moon than sound like someone else, because no matter the phase of your life, or the stage of your writing, it’s not the end result that nourishes you, it’s the journey to the goal that matters most.

Releasing expectation has been the key to enjoying the practice of writing. When I feel myself getting low after reading my umpteenth rejection, I know it’s the thoughts I have about the situation. Without narrowly focusing on the when, why, and how to accomplish the goal, I’ve really begun to enjoy the journey. Now, I’m not crazy, a publishing contract would feel great, but it won’t give me sweeter breath, a slimmer body, or more love in my life.

It turns out I’m right where I’m supposed to be. So, just follow the path with heart and don’t have judgments about what you think things should be like. Everything doesn’t have to happen this very minute. This thought makes me feel unbearably light and fulfilled.



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