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  1. Jim Johnston says:

    Hey Bur! Great website!

  2. Joyce Teat says:

    Hey Burnita Great Job! I’m looking forward to reading your work.

  3. Aunt Shereen says:

    Hey, Great News, Smoochies! I am waiting to receive my copy

  4. dorothy says:

    It is a great website,hon. I’m wishing you all of the best.


  5. Gabrielle Motarjemi says:

    Burnita-this is so exciting! Congrats!

  6. Uncle James & Aunt Rebecca says:

    Love your site. Can’t wait to read this book and the next one and next one……….
    Sending lots of love

  7. Lisa says:

    Hi Burnita,
    Congratulations on the book! I just received my copy courtesy of your Uncle James lol! Love the website and the beautiful picture of you! Much love, so happy for you!


  8. Jane says:

    Enjoyed reading about you and will buy your book. It always makes me proud to see another African American woman who writes. Your website is excellent.

  9. Julie Bliss Umbreit says:

    I’m a fellow ProSeries 60 writer and was intrigued to follow you to your web site. I’m glad I did! I’m in the beginning stage of planning my own web site and yours provides a great model. Plus, I learned about you. Best of luck with your books and your screenplay.

    Julie Bliss Umbreit

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