…to you, it’s how you handle what happens, I believe.

Last time we talked, the publishing of my novel seemed so bleak. I suppose it was the anti-climatic event of a launch day and the buy link said “Out of Stock.” I’m sure people all over the planet were as deflated as I was, right? At least I have to think that way, right? If I don’t, who’s gonna.

There are blessings everywhere. Sometimes you just have to stop cursing long enough to see them. I quit my publisher one morning. Told him to cease and desist working on my book. That same night, I got an invitation from the NAACP Image Awards to submit my novel. What a lovely surprise. Reading further, discovered the deadline was in 10 days and they need 15 books. Yikes! I got no publisher, and I’ve got no books, and my launch had happened two weeks prior.

Maybe it comes from being raised by a mom who at times faced incredible odds, because I thought, “this situation is workable.” What? I felt great, because I decided to call Ingram and have my book printed directly by them. I had to call them the next morning, so now I would only have nine days. Soooo happy when they answered right away and I could tell the rep. my story. She abruptly cut me off and said, “sorry, we can only deal with the publisher.”

That’s right, I decided I had to be the publisher. People have been doing this for years, but I thought it was going to be too great of a learning curve. I happened to have one formatted doc. version of the manuscript by a fluke, but it was what I needed to get going. I talked to CreateSpace and uploaded the book. They approved it in no time. Then the cherry on top was not only could they print 15 books for  me, but they got them to Los Angeles two days before the Image Award deadline. Wow!


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