I’ve decided to start blogging, seriously. It’s time to join the main. Time after time I’ve sat at the keyboard trying to think of what to talk about. Then I had the bright idea of buying a book called, “BLOGGING – genius strategies for Instant Web Content” by Biz Stone. I heard him speak when I worked for Google. He, at the time, was a googler too. Now, he has found greater glory at Twitter. Literally, he co-founded Twitter. His book would be the logical choice to introduce me to the world of blogging, right. Not!

I think it must be great for most folks. However, when I got to something he referred to as “greymatter” I started feeling like my entire Central Nervous System was about to shut down. So, here I am, raw, naïve, fresh out of the egg, blogging in the blind.

My first order of business (I can already tell bloggers shouldn’t say stuff like that) this heat today. It’s about 90 degrees today in San Francisco (what?) and I’m sitting in a café in Oakland with my writing buddy trying to crank out my Novel in a Year. As lovely as my buddy is, shouldn’t I be out on the water somewhere drinking Mojitos? Maybe this is what they mean when they say you have to “suffer for your art.”

Anyway, enough belly-aching. The thing about writing is that I can sit here in this café and feel like I’m having too many Mojitos on the SF Bay, or have my feet planted a world away because I write. Everyone has their favorite cubby hole, desk, or dark place to let your creative juices flow, but could you write in and thrive in a vacation destination with all that disturbing sun?

Just think how many timeless classics have included the beaches of Hawaii, a French countryside, or the ice blue waters of the Caribbean. Don’t you want to go there? Write!

Or, buy a ticket.

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  1. Burnita,

    Kudos to you for taking the plunge! I think you’ll eventually find a groove. When I first started my blog I was like, “And what should I write about again???” I’m by no means an “expert” on anything so I realized it might be best to share my thoughts on things that other writers could relate to (like struggling through a novel, marketing yourself, the query process, indie pubbing, etc). Whatever you decide, good luck to you!

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