A.K.A., editing! I’m in the throes of editing my debut novel.  So many times I’ve said, “Good enough” only to be ecstatic that I gave it one more overview.  It ain’t over ‘till it’s over. I haven’t quite made the mistake that Guy Kawasaki described in APE (Author, Publisher, and Entrepreneur), “In 2010, Penguin Australia published a book called the Pasta Bible. The recipe for tagliatelle called for ‘salt and freshly ground black people.’” Ouch!

Can I just say that I can recite the book in my sleep since I’ve read it so many times? I’ve exhausted the patience of friends and spent a few dollars as well. It’s so nice to have other eyes you trust. And, thank God for the internet, because there are resources out there that will allow you to stop bugging, and maintain your relationships with, friends and family. For critiques and reviews, here are a few suggestions.



Writer’s Café

Review Fuse

To anyone who “feels my pain” I wish you good luck, and hang in there!

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3 Responses to TORTURE!

  1. I find the first few rounds of edits rather enjoyable, but after round # 6 I’m about ready to tear my eyes out. There’s always something you could change and I think that at some point you just have to take the plunge. Another good resource is Goodreads. They have a beta reading group there. People are always volunteering to read work and give feedback.

  2. I’ve read through my next-to-be-published book 7 times. It’s on my table waiting for a “final pass” before going back. I could sit here and read through it again and still find things to change. If I had the freedom and time, I would probably go in and change major things! There’s a point, though, where you have to send it out into the world and pray!

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